Geno’s Site Feedback

I chose Ben’s. I think his concept was cool. Even tho him and Madhivi had similar layouts I think his worked out great. His color pallette and content look great. I think his site really brings out the “Geno’s” look. Even though his site is set up neater and organized nicely, he still has the bright colors, and gaudiness of the original Geno’s site.

His responsive looks amazing especially considering the layout of his site does not have your traditional top horizontal navigation.

My only dislike is when it gets down to 320 the logo looks a little awkward. I think it should be centered more.





(idk whats going on with my dropmenu)


The slide show I would like to the pictures to be in black and white and when one is selected it is displayed in color. also I want it so that the slideshow also can be responsive as well as move on its on when coming to the index page.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 6.20.45 PM