Competiters for Philadelphia Zoo

The Franklin Institute and The Please Touch Museum

The Franklin Institute is a scientific museum fit for children and their families ages 6+. The museum features a giant Imax theater, planetarium, and exhibits from around the world with different themes throughout the museum.

  1. Admissions for a child in the Franklin Institute is $12.50 and for an Adult is $16.50 which the Zoo prices are $18 for adults and $15 for children.
  2. their site features include:
    • Logo
    • Social Media Icons/Links
    • Billboard rotation
      • Images, Content, Videos, etc.
      • Large headline graphic that rotates/fades and takes dominant space above the fold
    • Primary navigation
    • Footer navigation
    • Sponsor/Affiliation/Association logos
    • Blog feed (posts)
      • Latest projects
      • News
      • Events
      • Updates
    • E-mail opt-in
    • Call to action elements
    • Site Search
    • Contact/location info
    • Promotions
    • Advertisements
    • Forms
    • Contests
    • Footer




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