What you are looking to accomplish in this class

What I am looking to accomplish in this class is to gain knowledge of a good foundation of Web Design. I want to be able to leave this course understanding at least a layer of whats to come. I want to be able to use my Graphic Design skills and knowledge of this class to create great websites that are portfolio worthy.

I feel like this is a course that will open up my interest in Interactive Design and help me to continue on my journey as a graduate student. So far I am learning and getting a feel of how designing a website works. It feels like this will be challenging but easy course. I believe that with this class it will challenge me to open my imagination and creativity when designing a user friendly website for future clients and/or business.

I am looking forward to getting the most out of this course that I can to take it to the next level. I hope that I will have fun and enjoy the class as well as learn and build my skills.


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