What is needed from client

From the client I will need stock photos of Patients interacting with doctors and maybe other patients, family oriented images, nice nursing home/hospital setting images (just to use as a facility example or if possible images from the actual place). Video of the organization maybe a commercial or some type of info video.


What I would like to know more about

I would like to really get deeper into Responsive design. I like the concept of it. and even though my project wasnt as successful as i wanted it to be I would like to continue to learn more about it. I would also like to get into app development. just to say i know how to do it lol

Concerns about Monday

My biggest concerns and fears about Monday is selling this site to the organization. on the other hand i am a little confident because compared to the site that they currently have our designs look a lot better even if they arent 100% done yet.

Who am I?

If i was to choose I would say I would be more of a creative web designer. I like the beauty of  web rather than the grunt work. I like to create what the final result will be. 

I also would be more of a Director than an producer. I think I have great leadership skills. I am comfortable taking the leading and making sure things go smoothly.

Challenges continued

So its 3:16pm and I am still working on my project I just can’t get it together. Its really making me frustrated my jquery isn’t working and my layout still isn’t coming together I don’t want to give up but its just so irritating


This whole project has been a challenge to me. 

I think I am ok as far as PHP of course I need more practice aand it takes some getting used to but it isnt as hard as I had imagined it at first.

My failures have been trying to get my site back to where it was in the beginning. Everything had worked right and was laid out the way it was meant. I dont know what I did along the way but this has been giving me a huge headache for the last week.